Home Room

I saw that mister.

(Home time coming.)

I’m watching you.  Yes.  You.

(Happiness the cigarettes.)

Quiet!  Excuse me?  Quietly.

(Undo shoes and socks.)

If you could live any place

as any person

within the time of your choice

(Pray.  Remember pray?)

All I’m saying is please be careful.

Look, please, alright?

(Begin abstract: trillion, potential, spaces.)

How about shhhhh?  Too tired today.

(Fortify.  Structure.  Repeat Strength Words.)

Now, I want you working together in groups.

(Loneliness exempt people: how?)

When we are all listening

we can all

No, not yet.  I’ll explain.

Please wait I said I’d explain.

(Play the game like record players.)


  1. Mallory

    like record players, over and over and over. i like this.

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