June 16, 2006: Boston (Road Trip Journal)

We left New Hampshire after showering and feeding.  I was ready for a big city. The tourist town could be seen at the bottom of the hill in Colorado, but behind us there was a path where no one else hiked in an echoless, empty forest.  We were cut off from the city in our teepee.  Now it was time to walk on streets between buildings at night.
In Boston, we stayed at a hostel near downtown for two days.  I spent $300 on food, gas, shelter and, most of all, bars.  My first encounter with the east coast made me think of these words: abrupt, vowels, friendly, go.  The bars we went to in Boston were nice if you were a person who sweats heavily.  Everything with sweat glands was truly moist.
Besides the humidity and filleted wallet, Boston was fun.
Things to remember about Boston:
–    A bald man wearing a drenched red collared shirt singing karaoke to Bruce Springsteen’s “Born to Run”.  He ran through the aisles, pumping the microphone with one arm and going for unrequited high fives with the other.
–    A bartender convincing me to try a drink he invented called the “three wise men.” The bartender confessing that he forgot what type of alcohol was in the drink.  The bartender admitting he never invented aforementioned “three wise men” drink.
–    A street performer jumping onto a narrow pole sticking up from the sidewalk, hip-thrusting in the direction of tourists and onlookers and completing a series of impressive cartwheels.
–    Ditching the annoying Australian guy with a Mohawk after observing his self-centered choices of conversation.


  1. Mallory

    you make the best observations.

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