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Notebook Blurbs

Cop shows on TV radically manipulate reality.  The reality is: police officers occasionally break the law.  Cop shows only broadcast law-prevailing, successful interactions between police and criminals.  There has never been an episode showing a police officer beat somebody who is in custody or disregard someone’s rights in any other way.  In the world of cop shows, these instances do not occur.  In the world of people who watch cop shows but do not read about cops, cops may be more easily perceived as infallible.

Exceptions to rules that I create in my mind are unpleasant because they force me to reevaluate and reinterpret old notions.  The older a notion is, the stronger its permanence.  Rule: This person is out to get me.  Exception: This person did something selfless and human.  Hopefully this rule is not yet permanent.  Rules and notions and mental constructions are oftentimes out of my control because they are oftentimes left unchecked.