Ode to Keyhole

Sure you may have peeped through a keyhole, but have you ever noticed a keyhole looking back at you from across the room with its hollow eyeball?  It waits for a slick and jagged object that hangs from a ring attached to a belt loop to be put into its socket and twisted sideways into a crooked perspective.
Every time a key enters the hole (which is sometimes often and sometimes hardly ever), the hole is never the same again.  The shape of the hole is altered on a sub-atomic level.

Try as they might, children who poke their fingers into the keyhole will never open a door that way.

Once a child experiences the pain of a heavy oak door slamming on their fingers (which it seems they all do), they may stop fussing with the handle, the lock and the empty socket all together.  The door, the suspender of the keyhole, reveals itself to be what it’s always been: impenetrable, opposed to the organic human form, at ease only when clicked shut.


  1. “The shape of the hole is altered on a sub-atomic level.”

    this speaks to me. i love this perspective.

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